Active Leisure vs Passive Leisure

Leisure is a key component of the quaintrelle lifestyle, but did you know that there are two different types of leisure – active and passive?

Passive leisure is easy to indulge in but might not leave you feeling too good once it’s over and done with – think watching reality television, flipping through a celebrity gossip magazine, or playing games on your smartphone. Carry out these sorts of mindless activities often, and you may notice that your mood isn’t any better afterward.

Active leisure, on the other hand, is engaging and interactive. Activities such as puzzles, gardening and reading are not only pleasurable but rewarding, too. If you carry out these sorts of activities on a regular basis, then you might find that you feel refreshed, fulfilled, and ready for the next part of your day.

That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t indulge in a bit of passive leisure from time to time. We all have our guilty pleasures – the television show that we look forward to every week, the chick flick that we love to watch while lounging around in our pyjamas, or the fun, light hearted game that we play on our phone when we have a few minutes spare. As with everything in life, leisure is all about balance – knowing when to switch off and experience passive leisure, and when to expend a little more energy and partake in active leisure.


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